Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I was 8 years old when I went upstate with my uncle to see some family on his wife side. The place was very suburban, If you lived there you had money and if you saw a spanish family you knew they were visiting. This place was like Walt Disney world to me. The families that lived there had a big house, a pool in the backyard, a father, things that a kid from Brooklyn wasn't use to seeing. A pool for me growing up was a bathtub full of water with toys in it, or water splashing out from a fire hydrant on a hot summer day. I went to play with the local kids on the block When two white guys approached me. They were the parents of the kids I was playing with. A spanish boy playing with white kids in that area at that time was unheard of like a black president. One of the guys asked me what was my name and I was hesitant to reply; because momma always said "Ricky when a stranger ask you sonting don't say chit! Walk away". I replied and said Ricky. He then asked me where I was from, Embarrassed to tell him I stood quiet. The other white guy laughed and said "leave him alone he's scared, He's probably a poor kid from Brooklyn". They continued to laugh, So I laughed as well not knowing the joke was on me. At that moment I was concerned on one thing. For these guys to leave so I can play with these damn white kids. This was a once and lifetime opportunity, and they were like ancient artifacts to me. After this Im back to playing basketball with Johnny and Tyrone. My uncle came to ask me what was that about. I told him the story and he told me to never be ashamed of where I came from, To forget what happen and to keep playing with the kids.  For some reason this memory stood with me. I'm proud to say that yes I am a poor kid from Brooklyn with dreams and goals. It made who I am today and I am bless and thankful for all the opportunities I receive in life as well the joy I bring to people. Im not doing anything you can't do, chase your dreams they wont chase you.

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  1. Rick that was awesome. We all have memories like that; leaving the hood to some green grass and getting that painful feeling from onlookers that we don't belong, but your uncle was right. Stay put in who you are and where you've been and your confidence will lead you to where you need to be.
    Keep making those dreams into a reality kid.

    Very inspiring.