Monday, August 22, 2011

The Journey

Music became my soul mate and comedy became my wife. Struggling and chasing the dream now that became my life. Learned from the wise took notes from the best. Always reminded who I am by the art that's on my chest. Mistakes became lessons and pain turned into blessings. My thoughts are my worst enemies when I'm stressing. They tell me keep grinding I'm on the right track. I'm running in the wild with footprints to trace back. Because If I can do it you can do it to. The only thing stopping you ........... is YOU. I told my dream get ready for a beating cuz I'm running, I'm swimming, I'm punching and I'm kicking, Motivation is what I'm drinking. Success is what I'm seeking. I'm addicted to the feeling, get hungry when I'm near it, failure is what I'm fearing. But it won't be an option cuz imma die trying.


Looks like the true meaning of friendship has change. We was all once close but things got all strange. 
My eye doctor said read the letters on the wall F R I E N D S "Friends" 
but to me that word didn't make sense. 
Up close it was blurry and from a distance it disappeared. 
Had dinner with death and we talked about my Fears. Told him my story and he cried black tears. 
Gave me a warning & will visit in 65 years.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Interview with Comedian/Actor/Writer Joel James

Meet the funny and a good comedy friend of mines Joel James. I had the opportunity to interview him so check it out! 

What is Comedy to you?

Comedy to me is me.. it's what and who I've always been. I never wanted to be a comedian, I didn't think being funny was a talent because it's who I am. I can do a perfect impression of my ex's Ruerto Rican mother not to put on a show and get paid it's just what i did, until at the family reunion I have 500 Puerto Ricans crowded around me laughing it's time to get paid.. Puerto Ricans are so cheap BTW lol

How Long have you been doing Comedy?

I started In theater at The Geva Theater at 16 and started doing stand up comedy when I was 19 so 8 years now wow.

Any Advice?

Be yourself don't be Kevin Hart don't be Jerry Seinfeld be you! and reach for the stars the business of comedy is bigger than just doing stand up comedy. stand up is probably my least favorite aspect of being a comedy, I love writing and Directing comedy.

Best moment in comedy?

My Best moment is a show in stand up comedy is making these group of girls cry FROM LAUGHTER literally crying I'm like WTF. my best moment in Acting and Writing and Directing would have be my short film "Blind Date Bliss" (GTKM) it was my first time in the film world and I think I did a really good job.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One Mic

Here is a Documentary I produced called "One Mic" The story of 17 year old Neko White, the youngest working comedian in the NYC comedy scene.

Get Serious Productions -

Neko White Like Page

Director: David Van Keuren -
Producer: Ricardo Herrera -
Editor/ Camera Operator - Kraig Adams -
Director Of Photography - Gabe Simon

One question interview with Comedian Tony Rock

I had a one question interview with Comedian Tony Rock today on Twitter and for those who don't know who he is here is a quick Bio. Tony Rock is an American actor and stand-up comedian. He is the younger brother of comedian Chris RockTony Rock had his own TV series, a sketch comedy show called The Tony Rock Project.  Also was Featured on "Comedy Central Presents" Season 14.
Every week Tony Rock plays a 20 question game with his followers on Twitter. You can ask him anything and he will answer it honestly. I decided to play and was lucky enough to have my question answered.

Tony Rock
RT What is comedy to you? [Everything. My love, therapy, expression, artistry, job, fun]
Soon after Comedian Earthquake added one more suggestion to Tony Rock answer. 
RT  RT What is comedy to you? [Everything. My love, therapy, expression, artistry, job, fun]<nd my main BITCH
I Definitely recommend following these two funny comedians @TONYROCK and @RealEarthquake