Saturday, March 12, 2011

Leaving Tonight

So it was 12am and I decided to work on my solo music project called "Universal Sound". I started playing the piano, drum beats and I was inspired to make this song called "Leaving Tonight". Here are the lyrics, if you would like to hear a preview of the song post your email and I will send it to you : )

Leaving Tonight

I should of hid my heart from you, like they told me to.
Now my heart is broke in pieces, Only time can heal it.
I wonder can I feel anymore?
Can I love anymore? with the pain you done.
I have no where to run.
Im laying all alone in a room so cold with a million feelings.
I try to ignore the pain but a heart ache is hard to deal with.
looking in my eyes lieing to me.
Fucking with my head confusing me.
Got me feeling crazy, this aint healthy.

Chorus: This time I made up my mind and im, leaving tonight. x4

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