Monday, March 14, 2011

Meet My friend Cornelius Newman

My friend Neil is a talented writer that goes to Buffallo State College. His poetry and Spoken Word is great and this post is dedicated to one of his poems. I hope you like it enjoy! PS: Check out formore of his work aswell as local writers from buffalo.


By Cornelius Newman

Lost in temptation confused remised blinded by passion driven
Egotistic about self pursue pleasure and bliss
Measured in death who was I, scarred and marred
Mangled by man my soul was maimed defected defamed
Brought before the counsel detained tortured my spirit
Ridiculed made a spectacle labeled a fool haunted by failure
Mission aborted moral compass distorted my prayers seem rhetoric
Too far you seem in cement shoes chasing dreams
Poverty‘s prodigy a product of humility
Seeking reparations for depravation I‘m breathing for you
Resuscitated inhaling greatness I offer this life
What else could I sacrifice so let your essence reside
Crying inside dying inside angels shed tears and dance
Heaven‘s amused gazing with pity singing the blues optimistically view
My shameless attempt to elude this revolution
They said it will not be televised
But they apparently prophesied through blind eyes
Deceived since my innocence they disseminated lies
Through anesthetized minds yet by the truth they‘re paralyzed
Afflicted many of times since my youth, but yet I still survive.

Young black and gifted my soul deprived I ran but couldn‘t‘ hide
Renounced denied lied and chastised unfaithful and unyielding
Broken but unwilling to be mended
I‘m unfinished business lacking discipline
Poor in spirit yet consumed in pride rich in mercy
Still your grace abides I could have died
But you remain faithful and true you can‘t deny you
With arms stretched wide east to west
Apart from you drawn by love I am a part of you
Forgiven redeemed bound to me for eternity you‘ll never part
Covered in my mother‘s womb skillfully wrought
How precious your thoughts washed in blood
Given clean hands and a pure heart
My life is your canvas this temple your work of art

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