Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Im Not a Feen"

I was on the train and saw something that inspired me to write.

"I'm Not a Feen"

I once met a guy that his heart was golden and every year that went by it began to darken. Everywhere he went people judged him and every time he spoke people ignored him. Walking past people but for them he don't exist. This man grew up fatherless. If he died today he won't be miss. This man had dreams and big goals to but you won't know because you won't take time to.
Listen to a voice that became voiceless. To look into the eyes of a man starving. He tries not to be rude as he walks by you asking for money or food. You just look at him like he was a statue but don't even dare to give a dollar or two. Always remember this could be you. He struggles to walk with his leg disorder, he finds happiness in a garbage can soda. Another hungry morning another starving night. Unbearable pain from his disjointed legs but still he finds the strength to plea and beg. My advice to you is don't judge when you don't know because the 3 year old next to me just gave him his oreos.


  1. I love this!! It's so true, I always try to give people on the train something if I have it, I don't know their story or their struggle & any little bit can help.