Sunday, November 13, 2011

Working on a Bio

Ricardo Herrera is a Brooklyn born comic, filmmaker, writer and a senior at Buffalo State College majoring in Television and Film Arts,a selective interdisciplinary program that accepts only 15 students anually.  He has interned at the television network Bravo and production company Engel Entertainment. In 2010, two of Ricardo’s short films which he wrote were nominated for best short film at Buffalo State College. He is the Producer of a short Documentary called, “One Mic” and short film “Legerdemain”. In October of 2011, "Legerdemain" won the “Audience Choice Award” for best film at the SUNY (State University of New York) Film Festival. In 2011, Ricardo was nominated for a selective internship at Comedy Central. Ricardo is finishing his degree at Buffalo State College and anticipates a December graduation.


  1. Congratz baby carrot! Very proud of you. I always wanted to ask what is the process or criteria of being selected in your majot? What do you plan to do after you graduate?

  2. Thanks! the application process is a recommendation, an essay, and a short film script. After december i plan on being a broke, talented artist in the city chasing the dream along with millions. I will send resume to places to be a writer get a job in the industry. until then i will get a job that pays the bills, do stand up at night, write, and hit up auditions.