Sunday, October 16, 2011

Meeting Spike Lee

I had the opportunity to meet with Spike Lee and introduce him to the school. Here is the email I sent to a writer from Buffalo State College explaining that moment. 

"The meet and greet with Spike Lee was one of the best moments of my life. We spoke briefly about Brooklyn, where we both are from and what I done so far majoring in Television and Film Arts. Introducing him was a great honor this is a man that I looked up to. We both have similar stories of growing up in bad neighborhoods which didn't stop us to chase our dreams. Hearing Spike speak about his life was definitely inspiring because I could relate to it. It also made me realize that I am on the right track so keep working hard and do what you love. I am very thankful and blessed for the opportunity of Meeting Spike Lee and for the success I had so far as a Comedian, Writer, and Filmmaker. Being in this Major I done things I would of never imagine. For example interning at the Television Network Bravo, Engel Entertainment, and meetings with Comedy Central. Now I can add this moment of meeting Spike Lee to the list. All this became possible due to a man that believed in me and that is Jeffrey Hirschberg. I want to thank everyone who made that event with Spike Lee possible. That is a moment I will always remember and I really appreciate it."

Check out the article I was quoted on!

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